Top Paying College Majors in 2016

Best paid college majorsAre you about to choose your college major? You already have interests, but you’re wondering whether your investment will pay off? That’s a smart way to approach the situation. Of course you want a major that fits your interests, but you also want to get a good job after graduation and you don’t want to face any financial troubles in future.

Take a look at the top paying majors in 2016. Maybe they will give you an idea where you can direct your studies and your future career.

1. Health and Medicine
Do you know what the highest paying profession for 2016 is? Anesthesiologist. The median annual wage for this profession is $258,100. At undergraduate level, you can’t take anesthesiology as a major, but you can work towards this career through majors in health sciences, chemistry, and microbiology. Then, you’ll continue with medical school, where you’ll focus your studies to this niche.

As an anesthesiologist, you will monitor the vital functions of patients during surgeries, and you’ll prevent and treat pain. If anesthesiology is not within your interests, but you still aim for professions from the health niche, the second most paying option is surgery. The median annual wage for this occupation is $247,520.
You’ll have few other well-paying options with majors from health and medicine:

      ● Oral and maxillofacial surgeon


      ● Gynecologist


      ● Orthodontist


      ● Physician


      ● Pediatrician


      ● Dentist


      ● Nurse anesthetist


    ● Podiatrist

The journey through pre-med and medical school is extremely challenging, but at least you won’t be disappointed with the salary when you make it out there.

2. Psychology
If you’re an aspiring psychiatrist, you’re lucky because that’s a well-paying profession. The median salary is $193,680. Psychology is clearly the most obvious major to go for, but you can also start with majors in chemistry or biology. All these degree programs will prepare you for medical school, where you’ll focus on psychiatry.

3. Marketing
Marketing is really fun, and the opportunities such major offers are endless. Marketing managers earn a median annual salary of $140,660. If you choose this profession, you will be creating strategies that will lead companies towards their main objectives. You will identify and research the target audience, you’ll evaluate the demand on the market, and you will develop strategies for reaching that audience.

A bachelor’s degree in marketing or business administration is enough to get you going into the world of marketing. You can also opt for an MA degree after college, but the good news is that the BA degree prepares you for starting positions in this career. The opportunities for career progress are huge.

4. Computer Science
The median salary for IT managers is $131,600 per year. You don’t need more than a BA degree with major in computer science to start this career path, but you will need at least 5 years of work experience.

In addition to computer science, you can also opt for management information systems, information science, or other related majors if you want to become an IT manager. The good news is that the market will be ready to absorb you as soon as you get out of college. You’ll only have to try hard and prove your skills to gain the experience needed for progress towards the position of an IT manager.

Was this information useful for you? When you achieve the perfect balance between interests and career opportunities, you’ll be on the right track.