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August 30, 2017

When your professor assigns a reaction paper, they expect to see your reaction to something. They might require you to analyze an article, academic paper, piece of literature, or other types of material related to the course curriculum. This is a popular type of assignment, since it showcases how well the student can read and understand the content. When the teacher sees a thoughtful and insightful reaction, they will realize you understood the whole point of the course.

Needless to say, reaction paper writing is quite challenging. Sometimes you’re asked to react to content you don’t even understand. You’re supposed to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the text and then react to it, but you have no idea what the author wants to say. Maybe you don’t even have the time to read that text and write the reaction paper.

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Reaction Paper Writing Tips from Pros

Our professional writers share insights that will make reaction papers easier for you to handle. Follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to a successful paper:

  1. First, Understand What a Reaction Paper Is
    What does your professor want you to achieve? The reaction paper is not only about expressing opinions. It’s a close examination of the strengths and weaknesses of the author’s arguments. You dig deeper to understand the meaning and implied ideas. Then, you must respond to those ideas and analyze the main points the author makes. Since this is a paper about a personal reaction, it’s okay to use first person in it.
    If you don’t understand the assignment at all, we suggest talking to your professor. They should be available to explain important projects to their students. When the instructions are clear, it will be much easier for you to write the reaction paper.
  2. Read the Text. Keep Taking Notes
    When we say read, we don’t mean just read. If you’re about to write a reaction paper to something, you must give yourself quite some time to do the reading, understand the author’s point and put your ideas together.
    Read, analyze and evaluate at the same time. You’ll be getting ideas during this stage. Write them down. You can’t expect to remember all thoughts you have. Your initial reactions will give you the guiding points for the paper’s outline.
  3. Write an Outline
    Have you noticed how you tend to make digressions when you’re writing without an outline? That’s because you don’t give yourself a framework. You can do that when you’re writing in your diary, but you can’t expect that approach to lead you to great academic content.
    Every academic paper needs an outline. It will keep your ideas focused and it will help you maintain a readable format. Write the outline based on the initial ideas you noted down. How will you react to that text? Where will you support your arguments with facts? What facts will you include? When you have all these details outlined, it won’t be hard to fill in the gaps.
    A proper reaction paper is consisted of an introduction, body, and conclusion, just like an essay.
  4. Write the First Draft
    Remember: the reaction paper has to give some evaluation of the text. Focus on that aspect. Don’t just summarize the text; react to it!
    When you’re making a claim, back it up with evidence. You’ll need to do some research as you write, but you’re lucky: almost all information is available online. Make sure to double-check your facts and use only authoritative resources.
  5. Edit and Revise
    You never submit the first draft! It doesn’t matter how good your grammar is; you’ll probably spot mistakes. Plus, you’ll find gaps in logic and excessive wording. Get rid of the parts you don’t need and add information where necessary. When your paper is perfect, you’ll know it.

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