Personal Essay Statement Training: Become A Professional Statement Essay Writer

This article doesn’t give you tips on how to write a winning personal statement essay. If you want tips, then look on WikiHow. This article offers personal statement essay training. Read this article and examine its points. Use what you learn as personal statement essay training because they are not teaching you how to write a great personal statement essay, they are teaching you how to be a great personal-statement-essay writer.

Look At Online Copies Of Winning Personal Statements

Looking at other winning personal statements online is not always a good idea, in fact, it is the equivalent of buying a book written by somebody who offers you “Keys to success” or “How to build wealth.” If these people actually knew these “Secrets,” then they wouldn’t be writing books. The same is true when looking at “Winning” personal statements. If they were that good, they would be in on the email server of a HR department of a fortune 500 company or a top university.

The reason you need to look at other personal statements is for inspiration, and so that you can see what not to do. You need to look at each personal statement you find online and you need to go Simon Cowell on its ass. You need to pull it apart, pull it down, and tear it to shreds. Practice pulling them down and harshly criticizing them because it will be good practice for when you look at your own personal statement.

Do Not Take Advice Without Extreme Caution

Oh boy Oh boy, why take advice on the subject of winning personal statement? Unless you are talking to a series of people who were accepted into your college or University of choice, the information you receive will be terrible-to-awful. If the people who give advice online were that smart, then why are they writing cheap/free articles for a living (it is not a high paid job)? If the people giving you advice in person are giving it away free, then ask yourself why they are so happy to dispense free advice (unless “Free” is all it is worth). Nod and agree with what others say when they offer you advice, but in your mind, you need to treat it with “Extreme” caution. If you knew the key to writing brilliant personal statement essays, would you blab it around to anybody who came asking?

Explain Why You Want To Study The Course

You have your own reasons for wanting to study the course. If you don’t have good reasons, then get a grip on your life and come back to your personal statement later. Enter your reasons for wanting to study the course, but make sure you include one reason at the top of your list. “You want to study the course because you really want to.”

Make Sense? Probably not. Why is mentioning that you “Want” to study the course and study at the University so important? It is important because so few students actually do it. Most students think that their application is proof of their intent, but it is just proof that you can knock up a personal statement and send it out to any university that will have you. Actually highlight in your personal statement that “I really want to study at XXXXX because…”

Explain Why You Are Right For The Course You Picked

Mention how well you scored in your tests and on your coursework. If you are on the cusp of making the grade, then do not highlight your qualifications too much, and do not try to make excuses for your scores. Students try to explain away their lower scores with excuses such as test anxiety or misunderstandings about coursework, but it just don’t gel with admin departments. Keep it very positive and stay away from excuses.

Mention why you want to study the course, explain that you “Want” to study the course, and explain what you think is so great about the course. Doing so helps the HR/admin team see what your expectations are. They want to know if you have unrealistic expectations about your course or the University.

The same works for the bad side of university life and the course. Make it clear that you understand the less-nice and less-fun side of your course. For example, if you are taking a medical course, make it clear that you know it requires extraordinary commitments and immense amounts of your time that will prevent you from getting a part-time job or having a social life. Do not be negative, but make it clear that you are going into this with your eyes wide open.

Show Them That You Are A Critical Thinker

Be careful with this tip because it is dangerous. Colleges and universities love the idea of taking in a bunch of critical thinking students, but what Universities want and what they are willing to accept are two very difference things. You need to demonstrate a level of critical thinking by how you write your personal statement rather than with the stories you include in your personal statement. Try not to appear “Too Much” like a critical thinker. Remember that many colleges and universities have very liberal professors that do not like critical thinkers because critical thinkers tend to veer to the right rather than the left. Try to think of it this way: people of the opposite sex love confident people, but if a person appears too confident, they cross over into arrogant. You need to walk the same tightrope when it comes to being a critical thinker, (you can have too much of a good thing in a university’s eyes).

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