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August 30, 2017

No matter how hard you study and engage in academic/scientific research, the university is not going to hand you a PhD degree if you don’t submit your original dissertation. This is one of the most challenging projects you’ve tackled.

Each dissertation chapter has to be perfect. I should stand as an individual part of the dissertation, but it also needs to be cohesive. If you’re stuck anywhere in the dissertation writing process, you’ll risk every effort you’ve invested into your education. Needless to say, you also invested a lot of time and finances.

It’s no wonder why many postgraduate students need dissertation chapter help. Somewhere along the way of the research and writing process, they encounter challenges. Maybe they can’t find enough evidence or facts. Maybe time is pressuring them. Maybe they are great researchers, but they don’t have good academic writing skills. That’s often the case with non-native English speakers.

What do you do? The last thing you’d want to do at this point is give up. There’s no need for such thoughts. Our dissertation chapter writing service is here to help.


How Does a Good Dissertation Look Like?

The structure of a proper dissertation is pretty clear. It’s consisted of the following chapters:

  1. Abstract
    This is a brief summary of the entire project. You’ll write it last, but it will be the first thing the reader will see.

  2. Introduction
    Here, you give a general description of the issue and areas of concern. Then, you explain why the problem is significant for the academic and scientific community. The introduction should also include an analysis of the theoretical foundation for the study. You’ll critically analyze the most relevant literature, and only then you’ll state the problem. Finally, you’ll wrap up the introduction with the research questions and hypotheses.

  3. Literature Review
    What have other researchers already found regarding this issue? The literature review chapter is not a simple list of resources. You should show how the cited works support the theoretical arguments you made.

    The literature review chapter is often structured with few sub-chapters:

    • Historical background
    • Theory relevant to the research questions and hypotheses
    • Current literature relevant to the questions and hypotheses

  4. Methodology
    Here, you provide details about the methodology you used to get to the results of your study. You will include information about the participants, materials, instrument, procedure, and analysis of the data.
  5. Results
    In this chapter, you’re expected to present the results of your research and analysis. The chapter should be very organized, so the readers will easily process the information. Tables and figures are highly recommended.
  6. Discussion
    In the discussion chapter, you’ll briefly summarize the results and you’ll discuss them in non-statistical terms. You’ll explain what the numbers and statistics actually mean, and you’ll finally answer the research questions and hypotheses.

This chapter should also include conclusions, limitations of the study, and recommendations for further research.

We Deliver All Dissertation Chapters

Our dissertation chapter writing service can deliver any part of your dissertation. We can complete the entire project for you, but you don’t have to order the whole thing if you just need an individual chapter.
Why would someone need a single chapter? Maybe it’s difficult for you to start, so you only want an introduction and you’ll take care of the rest. Maybe you already have the introduction, but you’re stuck on the methodology section.
It’s not a problem You can get personalized dissertation chapter writing assistance at our website. These are the chapters available in the order form:

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Methodology
  • Results
  • Discussion

Feel free to order any chapter you need. We’ll make sure it fits in the rest of the dissertation.

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