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August 30, 2017

An article critique is a thorough evaluation of an academic article. It’s more than an essay, and it’s not mere criticism. It’s a specific assignment that requires you to do the following:

  • Identify the background and purpose of the article, as well as its main idea
  • Evaluate the relevance, strength, and value of the argument
  • Compare the article with other research and theories
  • Provide your personal assessment of the article and comment on the issues it raises.

Sounds pretty complicated, doesn’t it? This is one of the most challenging assignments you’ll get in college and university. That’s exactly why we offer high-quality article critique writing services.

Why Order an Article Critique from Us?

This is not the only service that delivers article critiques. Still, it’s the best one. Are you wondering why that is the case?

  • We are pros. All our writers are native English speakers, who hold MA and PhD degrees. When we get an order for article critique help, we delegate it to a writer who holds a degree in a relevant subject area. That’s the level of professionalism you get at our website.
  • This is a custom writing service. What does that mean? You’ll get a personalized approach. The content we complete for you will be 100% unique and based on your instructions. There is no plagiarism in our work. You get relevant, original writing that’s ready to use.
  • We deliver the finest quality. We respect all rules and standards of academic writing.
  • What about the price? You must be interested in that aspect, and we know why. No student has unlimited funds to spend on assignment writing. Don’t worry! Our prices are very affordable, and we give you discounts to make you even happier. You’ll be aware of the price before you place the order.
  • We give you a guarantee for free revisions. That means you’ll definitely be satisfied with the article critique writing service we provide.

Important: What to Indicate When Filling Out the Order Form

The order form is quite flexible. You can choose the subject area, deadline, number of pages, quality level, and other parameters for your order. Please, be careful when completing the form, since a single mistake can affect your experience. Remember: we’ll follow the instructions you provide when placing the order. That’s why it’s important to give us good instructions.


When you’re ordering an article critique, we’ll need you to clarify the following things:

  • What article do you want us to critique? If the article is not available online, we’ll need you to upload it.
  • Do you have a stand? You can give flexibility to the writer to critique the article according to their own estimation. If, however, you have your own opinions, it’s important to indicate them in the order form. That’s how the writer will convey your personality through the project.

You’ll Write the Critique? Follow These Tips

You decided to try article critique writing? That’s great! We always encourage students to keep practicing. That’s how you get better at academic writing. We give you more than encouragement. We share free tips that make it easier for you to deal with this project.

  1. Read the article. You cannot write a critique when you don’t know what the article is about. This is an academic or scientific article we’re talking about, so the reading won’t be easy. If there are terms you don’t understand, look for definitions. Read with a critical mind.
  2. Keep taking notes while you’re reading the article. You can’t remember all your impressions. Identify the following aspects: Background, purpose, methodology, and evidence.
  3. Brainstorm! During this stage, it’s important to ask questions about the article, so you’ll clarify the aspects we listed above. Note down your ideas. Then, organize them in an outline.
  4. Write the article critique. Now, you’re ready. After all that reading and note-taking, you already know what you want to write. Keep the content clear and concise. If the article is written in complex language, it doesn’t mean you should follow that style. Professors are always after clarity. That’s the best way to show you truly understood the article.
  5. Edit! That was only your first draft. You need to make it perfect.

Order Today to Get the Best Price
Sometimes, the tips are not enough. You know what it takes to write the perfect critique, but it’s not going well. Maybe you don’t have time for this assignment. It’s okay. When you can’t handle article critique writing, we’re here to help. All you need to do is place an order. If you need help with the ordering process, you can contact our 24/7 customer support department. Use the live chat to get instant responses.
You’ll be able to work together with the writer, so this will be more than writing according to your instructions. It’s actual academic writing help. This experience will make you a better writer.
Keep this in mind: the price is lower when you assign a longer deadline. What does that mean? You’ll get the best price for your critique if you order it today. We’re always ready to deliver the content you need.


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